Shahin Hussain, 

Director, H&H Advisory

When I first connected with Marta I was struggling to find my usual confidence & outgoing nature, post Covid restrictions and found it difficult to meet new people.  Working with Marta was one of the best things I have ever done and a great investment in my personal development.  Through our discussions, new perspectives and communication advice, I found my inner confidence again.   Marta has helped me to identify people who are suited for me better and move on quickly from interacting with those that aren’t (a really valuable skill!).  I feel that through this experience, I have become a more attractive candidate for that special person when they happen to arrive!  


I would highly recommend working with Marta, for great personal development and to get better results in your love life.


Michelle Menzies, 

Soulful Coach + Educator, Shine Through You

After my coaching series with Marta I walked away feeling inspired, soulful and strong.


When we first connected I was lost in the world of adjusting to life as a Mum, Wife, Business owner and someone who just started studying again.  I was lost within the labels and the expectations.


I had never worked with a coach before, I went into it with a few nerves but an open heart. 


Throughout our time together I discovered the importance of showing up for yourself – This is self care and self love.  This coaching allowed me to update mindset thoughts and patterns that had been holding me back.  The people-pleasing needed to stop, the self-critic script wasn’t serving me.  I have adopted strategies that work for me and I feel much more empowered to back myself, in all relationships- self, marriage, mother, friendships, family.


My friends have noticed that I am more confident and content within myself.  My husband is happy to see me implement self-care and create boundaries.  It’s a great feel to limitless and not restricted by labels or expectations.


Marta was able to support and guide me to step out of my comfort zone and implement changes that work for me.  Thank you for your kindness, your patience and your wise words. I loved every minute.


Louise Lamb,

Registered BAS Agent / Bookkeeper

Before seeing Marta I was struggling with procrastination and managing my time ineffectively within my business.  In addition I was easily distracted and not setting clear boundaries with others.


I needed to be held accountable for the agreed actions I said I would take, having Marta at the end of the phone as support every step of the way meant I had no excuses not to succeed.


I now start each morning journaling and manifesting, this sets up direction and purpose for my day and I am aware of my actions and thought patterns in any given moment. 


My friends and family have started to respect the new boundaries which I have lovingly implemented into my life.


I truly benefited from having one on one coaching with Marta.  Marta always listened to my concerns and understood the hurdles I was coming up against. What I loved was that no matter what the issue, she helped me apply simple yet effective tools to help guide me in the right direction.


Alcyone Baker, 

Business Development Manager

Before seeing Marta, I saw multiple health professionals and coaches, but I never clicked with them like I did with Marta.


Prior to starting my coaching series with her, I was lost, felt stuck and could not stay on track. I used every excuse under the sun to not do things and I put it down to everything was too hard. I was the ultimate people pleaser, constantly putting myself in upset situations by saying yes to everything and I didn’t know how to stop! I wanted to be positive again, find a purpose for doing things and learning what boundaries I could put in place to feel content in life.

My biggest realisation moment was seeing my life change as I started to implement healthy boundaries in my everyday life. I went from saying yes to everyone which was making me feel resentful and tired to having the confidence to voice my wants and needs politely and confidently to others. Although it was quite uncomfortable at first, I started to see others respect me like never before and I feel so much happier!.

I learnt not to sweat the small stuff as much anymore, my anxiety highs are now under control. I love myself and don’t punish myself like I used to.

Marta’s calming nature is infectious but what I enjoyed most were her words – they came from a place of sense, understanding and even though they were spoken gently, they were strongly embedded into me. I left every session feeling more focused and determined. I would highly recommend her coaching for both personal and professional life.


Nicole Hole, 

Communications Advisor + Business Owner

Before our coaching sessions I was struggling with a work / life balance as well as the motivation to make changes in my life that I desired.  


After our first session I was feeling excited and over our 6 sessions Marta guided me through some big life changes.  


I found balance by making simple alternations to my busy life and recognising where my priorities lye.  


I am now able to relax more and have ME time, feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalised.


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Image by Nadiya Ploschenko


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