This 90 minute one-off session has been designed to assist clarifying your thoughts and feelings around the things that are making you feel disconnected from life.


Whether it be your job, a recurring thought, relationships, friendships, a past hurt, a future worry, present moment overwhelm - we take that one focus area and choose to release - getting you clear, grounded and connected.


We will discuss your experienced disconnect, where we dive into a range of deep questions together and implement the most fulfilling strategies in moving forward positively and confidently. 


We will bring awareness & connect to your breath, discuss the importance of this practice so you can implement it into your life at anytime.


RELEASE & CONNECT is about giving yourself the time to feel supported, heard and nurtured through any moment of overwhelm.  When you allow yourself stillness, you allow yourself to ground, think more clearly and make better decisions for you and your life.

Breathing, awareness and grounding are the most important steps in allowing ourselves to feel free and be presently okay with however we need to feel in the moment.  Stillness creates space, and in that space we give ourselves the time to choose how we can best respond to any situation in the most loving, kind and compassionate way. 



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