This is my signature package.  


This 6 week coaching series has been carefully developed for the beautiful soul who is ready to start their self development journey + begin gaining awareness around their thoughts, feeling and actions.


The aim around this coaching program is to shift your perspective and encompass a more positive way to interact with your outside world and your inside world (YOU), connecting with the present moment and welcoming joy into your everyday life.

Once you open your mind ,

the possibilities are endless



  • Understand and get clear on who you are and what you want out of life

  • Uncover new possibilities for your lifestyle and career & find purpose

  • Awareness around sabotaging through patterns and behavior

  • Learn techniques to overcome fears and blockages

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and other’s opinions & have faith in yourself and your ability

  • Show up everyday confidently and with ease

  • Increase your levels of self esteem to get you OWNING your life like never before

  • Start to live life unapologetically, from your true core & feel unstoppable

  • Learn to listen to heart rather than to your head

  • Live your version of an adventures life


What you get:

  • Initial consultation – Let’s discover you!

  • 6x one on one, 1 hour sessions over Zoom or face to face over 12 weeks

  • Weekly check ins – let’s keep you on track

  • Unlimited support in between sessions – let’s get you unstuck

  • Welcome gift pack (My little surprise pack of goodies just for you)



YOUR INVESTMENT:  $140 per week over 12 weeks



Session 1: LET’S GET REAL.  We gain clarity and discuss what is working for you right now and what is not.  Understand where you are in life. Clear the confusion and discover what you would like for yourself.


Session 2:  MINDSET RESET.  We uncover the blockages, thinking patterns and stories you tell yourself that are keeping you stuck.  By bringing awareness to your subconscious thoughts and behavior patterns, we can implement new and better ways of thinking to achieve what you want out of life and move forward with confidence.


Session 3: THE DREAM IS REAL.  We discuss what your heart is really saying your version of being Wild + Free + Limitless is and discover your true purpose!  The sky is the limit!  We step into what you want to feel and how you want to show up each day in your dream life! It’s so juicy!


Session 4: WILD + FREE + LIMITLESS. Let’s start transforming your dream into reality!  Together we start to get seriously excited and create an action plan to make your dreams a reality. 


Session 5: SOULFUL SUPPORT.  By now your mind and soul has a clear direction and you are well in action of living life based on your own terms!  We dive deeper into what you need to feel supported, confident in moving forward in the most loving way.


Session 6: YOU’VE GOT THIS.  This session is all about being able to celebrate how far you have come! Where we discuss your learning over the past 5 sessions and I will provide you any remaining tools and techniques you need to feel fully supported once our sessions are wrapped up. 


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