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Hi, I'm Marta, YOUR ultimate dating wingwoman

I'll bet you have great friends, family, are happy in your career and created the life you have always wanted for yourself... but there is just one thing missing... someone to share your life with. 

For a long time you might just be ok with it but often if you're at an age where all your friends are settling down it can be hard to find someone to talk to, let alone someone to guide you through everything from your online profile, to making conversation and finding out exactly what you're looking for.

Does this sound familiar...?

  • You've given up on dating because you have been hurt before

  • You find the dating process difficult and energy-draining

  • You're really not sure why you it's taking you so long to find a partner or 

  • You've recently gone through a breakup and want to move to a stronger place in your life quicker

Are you generally happy but want more?

We engage specialists in many aspects of our lives to help us improve and grow, but when it comes to love and dating, it's like we are left to work it out on our own... this is where I come in!

I work with professionals, corporate executives and ambitious individuals to get better results in their love lives.

Recently, a client came to me and he didn’t even know he what he needed.


All he knew was that online dating sites weren't 'working' for him and he was not meeting anyone face to face.

Prior to our confidential chat, he signed up to professional dating service as well as multiple paid online dating subscriptions, but it didn’t get him anywhere – he didn’t know what to do next and was stuck in a rut. 


It’s not as simple as just getting a match online or relying on meeting someone by chance, it’s all about creating a colourful life which you love living and having a deep inner confidence that creates interest .. this is where I come in. 

Here's what happened next...

"When I first connected with Marta I was struggling to find my usual confidence and outgoing nature when it came to dating. This was after the post COVID restrictions as people were a bit more wary. I was finding it difficult to meet new people. 


Working with Marta was one of the best things I have ever done and a great investment in my personal development. 


Through our discussions, new perspectives and communication advice, I found my inner confidence again.  


Marta has helped me to identify people who are suited for me better and move on quickly from interacting with those that aren’t (a really valuable skill!).


I feel that through this experience, I have become a more attractive candidate for that special person when they happen to arrive!


I would highly recommend working with Marta, for great personal development and to get better results in your love life."

Shahin Hussain, Director at H&H Advisory


About Marta

Your Love + Dating Wingwoman

I am a Qualified Life Coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy  (Internationally Recognised).


I've been in a 10 year long term relationship, I've been engaged and realised that I no longer wanted to be in that relationship. However when I found myself newly single I struggled as I had to learn how to date online for the first time.


I will guide you completely to transform into the best version of yourself because my passion is to get you better results in your love life.  Supporting you with practical and steps and tools to create that deep inner confidence that has previously felt out of reach.

In case you're wondering, yes I'm single and happy. So many wonderful people I know are trapped in loveless marriages or relationships that has seen them lose themselves.

I'm here to help you thrive in life & love.

Marta xo

Woman on the Street


The short answer? Both!

I have helped men and women move through their limiting beliefs and blocks around dating.


For men, they often find having a female perspective on what they're doing really helps.

For women, even if we have plenty of friends it can sometimes be hard to talk openly and candidly about what we're really going through. 

So if you're looking for someone who totally gets what you're going through when it comes to putting yourself out there, I'm here for you.

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Ready to start meeting the "right" people for you? 

Here's what to do next...


Scroll down and find a time that suits you for a confidential chat.


Answer the questions on the booking page about your current situation & what you want your love life to be like.


Be ready to answer the phone when I call at the time you choose.


Work on a plan to see you build your confidence, increase your matches & start meeting the right people!

Commonly asked questions

But what if I've already tried online dating and it doesn't "work"?

I believe that connecting with someone in person while doing 'life' is a far better way to meet people than an app.  However, an online dating app can be a great tool to meet people that would have not otherwise been accessible.  

Far too many people can't keep up with their matches, stop the texting communication, get stuck in a texting vortex, or unable to convert a match to a date... No wonder so many people don't want to go and waste their time texting strangers they will never meet.  

Through a coaching program, you will be given simple + proven tools and techniques that will convert more of the right people into REAL IN PERSON DATES (YES!) 

Do you guarantee that I'll meet someone?

I want you to think about if you wanted to join a gym because you want to have that body... when you start you may not have the body you want that day, that week, or even in 6 months.  The same goes when you want to have that business... you may not have the results straight away but every day by doing a little more you will become closer to your goal.  The same goes with dating.  After working with me you will have the confidence to truly believe in love, feel open to more possibilities, enjoy a richer life, bringing you closer to finding 'the one'. 

I'm not sure if I'm ready to "date" again...

We have all had contradictory feelings about whether or not to date again.  The number one reason people stop dating and trying to find love is that they have had their heart broken or been rejected, so to avoid the possibility of that happening again they avoid the idea of love and dating altogether.  

Whatever your reason for feeling like you are 'not ready' we will dive deep into these limiting beliefs, build strategies to move forward from past hurts, and get to a stronger place in your life faster.  Because I believe that everyone can become ready to love again.





Romantic Couple